About Us

The Uniqueness of Wah Toh Tit Tar

To raise the efficacy level of its healing, the centre uses modern medical science methods to complement its traditional eastern roots. Hence, the centre is just as familiar with the use of X-rays and biomechanical theory as it is with herbs, shiatsu (the study of the flow of energy within the body) and the use of the hand as the main diagnostic and therapy tool.

Wah Toh Tit Tar’s physicians undergo years of training and apprenticeship before considered as qualified to treat.

What is Wah Toh Tit Tar?

Tit Tar is literally translated as ‘fall-hit”. Tit tar operates from the basic idea that any ache or pain stems from a disruption in the natural alignment and state of the bone, joint or muscle. When a patient complains about a pain in a particular part of his or her body, the physician’s main objective is to identify the nature of the problem and to correct it.

Receiving Treatment At Wah Toh Tit Tar

The practice of tit tar calls for a highly-developed faculty of sight and touch. Because of the fundamental principle that the body is an interconnected network of systems, practitioners believe that a disruption in any one of these systems will manifest in a specific way. Hence, injuries can be detected by a well-trained eye and experienced hand.

A tit tar physician, like our trained staff at Wah Toh Tit Tar, use keen observation, a deft hand and a few therapy aids. Wah Toh Tit Taralso takes advantage of what modern medicine has to offer in order to improve its services. Tit tar is completely natural and thus treatments are non-invasive, non-painful and suitable for all age groups, including babies and the elderly. Recovery periods are also considerably shortened when compared to conventional convalescence.